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Software Testing Training iN vijayawada and Guntur

Software testing training in vijayawada includes basic to advanced level subject on software testing. Also, Selenium is a automatic web-based application. Hence, Our Training Course in Vijayawada and Guntur will help you to master course from the scratc. Including various concepts of testing, Selenium IDE, selenium grid, selenium web driver, XPath and waits.

However, Our Software Testing Training is based on the current generation of students. As a result, they can face real world challenges & reach their goals. Hence, in our Software Testing Training in Vijayawada you will learn software testing basics and Testing techniques. Similarly, Importance of Quality Assurance, Test plan creation, Test administration and Test case preparation. Likewise Testing reports, Change management, Testing real time project & Testing Placement Training.

Students Enrolled: 32+
Duration : 3 Weeks
Level : Beginner
Effort : 2–5 Hrs/week
Assessment : Once a week
Language : English
Certificate : Yes
Instrucor : Yes
Course Description

However, As this field is quite huge, there are plenty of opportunities for the both experienced & freshers here. Hence, there are numerous places where you can get Software Testing Training in Vijaywada. But no one can match the way clarus code trains you. So, why wait? Enroll Now and get a Free demo!

However, there is a huge requirement for Software Testing jobs across the globe. Also, Graduates who opt for Software Testing can chose their career in IT industry. As a result, this helps them to reach heights in their career. However, there are different types of testing like automation & Performance and Manual. Absolutely, each one has it’s own identity. Moreover. Testing is more challenging than development.

However, Software Testing Training in Vijayawada is important for following reasons

  • It detects the errors that are made during development phase.
  • Software Testing makes sure that the product or application is delivered with quality.
  • However, it ensures that the software application performs effectively.
  • Also it provides customer satisfaction on the application.
  • It provide results without any failures
  • In addition, it helps to keep up the business. 
Why learn Selenium testing?
  • Understanding selenium architecture and its components.
  • Selenium automated testing advantages
  • Also you will understand different types of Applications.
  • In Addition, Regression testing and functional testing.
  • Use WebDriver advanced features and validate page content using the Selenium WebDriver API.
  • Moreover WebDriver Programs includes Textbox, Checkbox and Multiple windows.
  • Record and import tests with selenium IDE.
  • Also deploying Selenium IDE functions and commands.
  • Automating Windows applications.
Advantages of taking Selenium Course

However, Selenium is the most popularly used and open source automation tool. Also, The performance, execution speed and browser interaction of selenium are too fast when compared to other tools. Hence, The key feature of selenium is it supports various operating systems along with supporting different programming languages like PHP, Pearl, Python, C#, Java. Moreover, After the completion of the selenium training course from Clarus code, you will get a certificate which puts weight to your career.

Course is for whom?
  • Software Developers
  • Software Testers
  • QA Engineers
  • System Analysts
  • Administrators
  • BI & ETL Professionals
  • Test managers
  • Also IT & Non-IT individuals who have basic knowledge on Software Testing.
Manual Testing

Manual testing is a technique of performing testing on application or software. Moreover it tests its usability, functionality and performance. However, Manual testing is a type of software testing. And here testing is done manually tested before carrying out automation testing. So, Our Manual testing training course in Vijayawada and Guntur enables you to find bugs in the software system.

What will you learn in Manual testing?
  • Introduction to software testing essential techniques.
  • Also, Developing different types of software test cases and document test cases.
  • Identifying the results of executing the test manage software defects.
  • Including knowledge on Various software testing issues and solutions like integration, regression and system testing.
  • How to plan, conduct and generate the testing report.
  • Also, Advanced software testing topics like object-oriented software testing methods, and component-based software testing issues.
  • Moreover, Our Manual testing training course in Vijayawada and Guntur helps you gain the skills of using modern software testing tools.

As the market increases the demand for manual testing also increasing rapidly. Manual Testing training course in Vijayawada and Guntur is open for software testers, software developers, Managers, Analysts, Professionals, QA managers, and all the graduates. Hence, After completion, of course, you will be assigned to work on real-time projects from Clarus code

Therefore Our Manual testing training course will help you understand the features of software development. In addition, we will guide you with the major concepts of testing methodologies. Similarly, different appraoches to the testing. Hence, Manual testing course will be tha foundation of thtesting career. So, get the course from our 10+ years experienced industry experts.


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